The Musique Loft Teachers Circle aims to bring passionate musicians together into a musical family community. Membership is open to all teachers and it serves as a form of recognition and support of your teaching profession.
Our members receive exclusive benefits at events by The Musique Loft.
PERK 1: Seminars and masterclasses conducted by local and international artists
PERK 2: Priority enrolment for international summer/winter courses and academies
PERK 3: Concerts/recitals by international and young emerging artists
PERK 4: Intimate meet and greet session with our artists
PERK 5: Competitions, festivals and overseas programmes
PERK 6: Concerts held annually for your talented students
PERK 7: Pedagogical updates and teachers training
Be rewarded for every dollar spent on any of our events!
For every $1 – you will be awarded 1 point
For every 100 points - $10 Blisshouse vouchers
For every 500 points – one free piano tuning service by Steinway Gallery Singapore
Join Our Community
To be part of our family, sign up now! Fill up the form and email it to CHERYL@TheMusiqueLoft.com.sg.
3 years membership for $120 - via bank transfer OCBC BANK "The Musique Loft"
Read the Rules & Regulations here.