In piano teaching and piano learning, one should provide a well-balanced combination between comprehensive musical ability and skills in playing keyboard instruments. It is also essential to share the joy of music and convey the beauty of music and take music as an important part of our life.

To develop, we need to commit to change - or the idea of change. Have the courage to try out new ideas. Dare to do things differently and be different. Dip your toes into new water; make the progress a gradual one.

We have a series of pedagogical seminars for passionate music teachers to understand the physical skills needed to play music artistically and with technical assurance. Creative and concise topics by topics, understanding of how the various elements of music fits together, of how to access, how to see from beneath the surface; hear what others might not; and of how to bring teaching and learning vividly to life.
Seminars topics that will be covered:
(Topics will be updated from time to time and notify with the dates and time)
1) Early Childhood Music Teaching with the most innovative and creative music teaching methods to engage the joy of the music to the little ones.
2) Advanced Piano Pedagogics - The Invisible Secret of Piano Pedagogics.
3) Advanced Theory classes (ABRSM gr6-8, group class).
4) Song Arranging & Composition course for leisure and for exam.
5) Piano Literature (Investigating Beethoven).
6) The Essential of History of Music.
7) Clinician on Piano Playing:
- Playing with a relaxed technique.
- How to slow practice correctly.
- Mastering the Chopin etudes.
- If it hurts here, try this... Healthy physio therapy for pianists.
8) The secrets of Chopin's craft:
- Pedal - how to use pedal to free the hands.
9) The essential of Music Analysis:
- Understanding Sonata Forms.
- Learn and memorize a piece faster through analysis.
10) Taubman Piano Pedagogy Description:
- How to introduce this advance techniques to young children?
- Is that true that techniques and artistry in piano playing needs to imply to students in an early age?
- How can we engage them?
- How are we going to enhance their sensitivity in listening and feel the music with imagination and emotion?
11) Motivation in Music Learning